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Welcome to the Le Dobry Hollanders website

We are a very experienced, small-scale kennel.

Our goal is to breed healthy, social, active, stable and athletic short-haired Dutch Shepherd Dogs, full of temperament, that meet the breedstandard. A complete dog that is capable of functioning well in different types of dog sport. A dog that possesses the right passion and can also show normal social behaviour in a domestic situation.

We provide our pups with an optimal basis. They grow up in house and kennel. They are offered an enhanced environment with multiple possibilities to play. They are socialised with people and children. On average, the dogs are very well suited for sports like agility, flyball, G&G, SAR, IPO, Mondeo and KNPV training. They love to work with their handler.

We hope to have caught your interest. Please keep an eye on our website, as we will update on a regular basis.

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