Holland Eran v. Le Dobry RIP

Rust zacht Holland Eran v. Le Dobry

Gister werd ik op de hoogte gesteld door Les Flores, dat het slecht ging met Eran, dat zijn dagen op deze aarde niet lang meer zouden duren.

Vannacht ontving ik het bericht dat Eran is overleden, hij is nu bij zijn broers en zuster. Een hond die veel heeft gebracht en hond met een gouden hart, een hond waar men op kon vertrouwen een hond die zoveel in zich had dat het bijna ongeloofwaardig is.

Na zijn succesvolle carriere als politiehond heeft hij zijn laatste jaren doorgebracht in het liefdevolle gezin van Les, Dara Hunt en Logan. Ik ben ontzettend blij dat hij daar heeft genoten van de liefde, aandacht en geborgenheid.

Het is de laatste van ons E (-xcellente) nest,

RIP Eran, geniet van je broers en zuster.
Run Free

Ik ben blij dat een dochter van Eran bij ons is, ik zie veel van haar terug in Elisa, zijn ziel leeft voort in haar.

Afscheid nemen doet zeer, afscheid van een grandioos nest wat veel gebracht heeft bij de Hollandse Herder doet nog zeerder, maar de herinnering blijft, Weer een stukje geschiedenis.

Bedankt Les, Dara en Logan voor jullie goede zorg aan Eran.


Les Flores

Today, October 17, 2018 at 2:47 PM. The Mighty Eran crossed the Rainbow bridge.

Eran’s progeny is saving lives, finding lost people, competing in all kind of dog sports and succeeding not only in the USA, but in several countries across the world.
Back in August 2011, my dear friend Jose Stienstra contacted me asking me if I knew anyone that would be interested in Eran, a retired Police K-9 trained in KNPV. I contacted a breeder I knew and she told me she wanted some extra tests done and wanted to know if they would re do the hips X rays. I passed on the info and was told his hips were HD-A and no the tests. Passed on the info and didn’t hear back.
A week later Jose Stienstra asks me if I wanted Eran. With some help from a friend and my wife saying let’s do it. We agreed to take Eran.
On August 10, 2011, The Mighty Eran came to the USA.
On my way to the Delta Cargo, I got a text from my bud Jack Stienstra. He said. “by the way, Eran bit two people after he retired”. I thought, well, lets see what will happen. I had some nice stinky salmon treats to bribe him and hoped that would be enough.
At the Delta Cargo. After completing the paperwork, I hear this dog going off on someone or something. It sounded like the crate was going to come apart.
the Customs officer walks in the office, o looking quite pale and with a nervous smile asked me if I was picking up the dog. I said yes. He said, he is a monster, good luck as he laughed and walked out the building.
I looked at the girl at the counter and told her, well, it is what it is, lets do this.
I approached the crate and started talking to Eran and gave him some salmon treats. He readily ate them opened the crate, put the leash on him and took him to relieve himself. After a Loooong pee he came to me for some more salmon treats and from that time on, he was my bud.
At home, he was my wife’s protector. We always kid if the zombie Apocalypse would come, Eran would be the first line and probably the last line of defense.
Eran was a true honest dog, with a heart of gold and the tenacity to take on the baddest mofo in the world. No fear and the power to take care of business, and yet a gentle soul with Dara Hunt, Logan and me.
I will miss you my dear old man. You will live through your kids, grand kids and great grand kids. A true legend!


Dara Hunt

It is with great sadness that I tell of the passing of Holland Eran v. Le Dobry. He was a cornerstone dog for our kennel and the working Dutch Shepherd breed here in America. He was quite prolific and threw much of himself in to his progeny.
Eran had a great retirement from the Police force – living the casual life here in the countryside and making babies that have saved and change lives all over the World. He was 14 years old and the last of the “E v. le Dobry” litter.
Our good friends, JoseStienstra KlaasStienstra and JackStienstra helped Eran enter this World. Les, Logan and I were honored to help him leave it peacefully. He will be sorely missed.
Thank you and RIP Big Guy.
Holland Eran v. Le Dobry PH1 with Honors
(KNPV and Police K-9)
11/19/2004 to 10/14/18
These are some of the jobs Eran’s progeny are currently performing:
IPO (Including World Championship Competitors)
Police K9
French Ring
Narcotic Detection
Bomb Detection
Elite Yosemite SAR
Nose Work
Personal Protection
Property Guard Dog
Farm Dog
Herding Dog
Wildlife Flushing
Forestry Dog
Weight Pulling
Lure Coursing
Dock Diving
Cancer Detection
Medical Service Dog
Wheelchair Service Dog
Emotional Support
Active Family Pet
UKC Show Champion